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"You don't see the world as it IS, you see it the way You ARE!"


My goal every day is to make people happy and healthy - spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. I am at each present moment a student or a teacher; a lesson, an example or a blessing. I want to help as many persons as I encounter to enjoy their Life Experience. By maintaining a higher, positive vibration and going with the Flow of the Universe, at the end of my dash, I would like to be remembered as one the nicest persons that one could know.


I tell my Spirit, "I AM Love, Peace and Happiness and everyone and everything can easily see it in me."

I am here to help as many persons that I encounter to Be Happy and Healthy. My purpose is to make your journey pleasant and meaningful.  I am an author, a speaker and a teacher. I am a Life Experience Coordinator.

"I have no enemies, therefore you must be my friend!"



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You don't see the world as it IS...

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