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What is your point of view?

What is your point of view?

Have you had an opportunity to view mountains from a distance? What was your impression or thoughts as you looked upon them? Most of us have some form of human interaction on a daily basis. Having to deal with other individuals can have many challenges as well as opportunities. There are lots of ways our encounters can turn. They can be a wonderful experience, they can be difficult or un-fun, or unmemorable; in either case, a lesson is to be learned.

So what does one’s point of view have to do with any of this? Right now, take a look at the person or place that is closest to you. Look for the most beautiful feature in the person or place. What do you see? We tend to see what we look for. Say upon waking in the morning, you decide that today is going to BE a wonderful, productive day. What type of day do you believe will ensue?

Deciding to BE happy in this moment has a definite impact on your outlook. So does the opposite. So looking at the mountains from afar, they appear to have a grand majesty about them when we look at them with a grateful, wondrous attitude. Conversely, with a bad attitude, we just see an obstacle or a long road to have to travel to get around the mountain. Funny thing is that whatever your attitude, you will be right! An optimist might be wrong as often as a pessimist but the journey will be more enjoyable with a bright outlook. When we pay attention to our attitude and point of view that we bring to each situation, we can learn from each encounter. BE Happy and watch your interactions improve.

My Love to You

Tony Sellaway

Author of Life: Without the Rose Tinted Glasses

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