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What is it with YOU and Happiness?

What comes out of an orange when it is squeezed?

We might have on some occasion had an opportunity to eat fresh orange. When you squeezed or bit into, after peeling it :), what came from it? Orange juice, yes? As we progress through our Life Experience, we encounter many situations. Each situation is neither good or bad, but rather what we think of it, makes it so. When we decide to look for the lesson in whatever is happening, we tend to learn something and can actually appreciate the present moment as teaching point.

On your daily endeavors, you have a choice as to how you are going to BE, do and view at each Present Moment. How we decide to BE (happy, sad, upset, grateful, etc.) has a profound determination on how we respond to the lesson. In turn, we can respond to rather than react to pressure that is being applied to us. So what we ARE at that moment is important to you well-being or your being in a state of dis-ease. You decide what you want to feel and then BE.

So when we have external pressure exerted on us, what comes out is what is in us. It is not the pressure that determines this, it is what we ARE when the pressure is exerted.

Choose to BE Happy my friends!

Tony Sellaway, Author of Life: Without the Rose Tinted Glasses

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